• Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for the Masses

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for the Masses

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for the Masses

About Company

AMSYS Blockchain is part of a larger company known as the AMSYS Group. We are an established presence in the IT/Software/Hardware space and looking to add to it by bringing in the best developers and mining experts to help you succeed in your blockchain or cryptocurrency goals.

Blockchain Development

Are you looking for assistance with a current project?
Or are you looking to build a token sale/ICO from the ground up?
Some of the tools used by our team include: Solc, Hyperledger, Testnet, Mist, BaaS, Zeppelin to name a few.
Some of the industries we serve:

Improved portability and safety of
healthcare records.


Increased used of blockchain
technology to secure IoT.


Decreased transactions and increased automatic payouts with smart contracts + AI.


Being able to manage parts transactions to trace defective pieces quickly back to its source.


Use of blockchain/cryptocurrency to decrease times required for cross border payments.

Inventory Management

Automatic smart contracts to alert purchasing managers of inventory changes.

Food services

Trace a food item from seed to store to assist in the fight against food borne outbreaks.

Blockchain Staffing

Having difficulty finding qualified blockchain engineers? We can help your organization with finding staffing solutions from part-time, full-time, and hourly contractors to complete your initiatives.

Turnkey Blockchain Projects

Do you have an idea for a new use for blockchain technology, integration into your existing business, or creation of an idea that leads to a token sale? We can help with consultation, development, and even navigating the legal hurdles through our partner relationships.

Blockchain Classes

There are great developers in the technology world that are seeking to learn more about how to integrate distributed ledgers, use Solidity programming, create smart contracts, etc. We will be providing in person and online classes to allow people to add another tool to their toolbox of services. Increasing the scope of one’s abilities allows you to keep up the changing pace of technology and improve the ability to market yourself.

Node Hosting

Amsys Blockchain will be providing Node Hosting for several cryptocurrencies as we believe that to create a monetary system based on digital assets requires investment from those in the community. By hosting nodes and masternodes, we can improve the use and success of certain digital assets.

Managed Services for Blockchain

AMSYS Blockchain is part of an umbrella of companies under the AMSYS Group. Being part of a larger structure allows us to be able to provide our customers:

Crypto Mining Consultation

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we have a dedicated staff ready to help get your project on track including:
  • Rig ideas, builds, GPU purchases, turn key equipment, installation
  • Mining rig rentals – Buy the hash power and leave the rest to us
  • Co-location and facilities for your existing mining equipment

Mining as a Service

Mining cryptocurrency can be a daunting task. We have the ability to simplify the process and give multiple opportunities to create revenue streams.
Contact us if you are interested in renting a mining rig (whether ASIC or GPU) for short-term or long term contracts.
Soon, Amsys Blockchain will be offering the ability to participate in investment funds for cryptocurrency and to invest set dollar amounts with interest repayment for up to 2 year contracts.


Come on. We have introduced ourself much. Just leave a message.

Contact Info

  • 706A West Ben White Blvd, Suite 254, Austin, TX 78704
  • Phone: +1 713-484-7786, ext 501
  • Fax: +1 100 458 2345
  • Email: aquadri@amsysis.com



  • 8300 Bissonnet Street,
  • Suite 570,
  • Houston TX 77074
  • 706 West Ben White,
  • Suite # 254,
  • Austin TX 78704

Middle East

  • G01 Westside Marina,
  • Dubai Marina,
  • Dubai


  • A-15 Second Floor,
  • Sector 3 Noida,
  • UP – 201301
  • Amsys IT Services Pvt Ltd
  • Unit#508, Lodha Supremus II B wing,
  • Next to New passport office,
  • Wagle Estate, Thane West 400606
  • 8-2-334, 6th Floor,
  • Aditya Court, Road No.3,
  • Banjara Hills,
  • H’bad, AP-500034
  • A-203, Maruti Tower,
  • Shivranjani Cross Road,
  • Ah’bad – 380015, Gujarat