About Amsys Blockchain

Since our establishment in 2016 and under the umbrella of the AMSYS Group (founded in 2003), we have been successful in implementing thousands of projects both in and out of the blockchain space. We are run by 3 guiding principles:

F – amily

we believe that family is always at the center of everything that is successful and pride ourselves on keeping our families first, but also treating each employee and client as part of our larger family.

I – nnovation

As new technologies are available, we want to be at the forefront of understanding which ones are most viable to our client’s needs and help steer them to make informed decisions. We also strive to use these technologies in our product development pool to increase our own knowledge base.

T – eamwork

By working together within our organization through our process driven system, we can increase efficiencies and provide streamlined products to our customers in a timely manner.



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Knowledge & Experience - Just a Few of Our Executives

CEO - Dr. Aman Quadri

CEO Amsys Blockchain

CTO - Chokha Palayamkottai

CTO Amsys Blockchain

Ken (Khalid) Parekh

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Client Stories

“ AMSYS Blockchain has been very helpful in crafting our technology plan and to guide us on best methodologies for development. We are very appreciative of their support and impact on our development through them.”


“ We were at a crossroads on how to bring our product to market and through which blockchain. Through the help of the AMSYS team, we were able to utilize an existing tech they put together for one of their own offerings and that has allowed us to shave considerable development time from our own build. ”