Our Expertise

AMSYS Blockchain is part of the larger AMSYS Group and has access to multiple developers who can complete any project from simple smart contracts to end-to-end solutions. We hire seasoned veterans who have 3+ years’ experience with blockchain development along with incubating upcoming developers both on and offshore.

Industry Verticals

When you hire Blockchain developers, you get a team who are specialized in a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of startups and small businesses. Some of the industries we serve:


Improved portability and safety of healthcare records.


Increased used of blockchain technology to secure IoT.


Decreased transactions and increased automatic payouts with smart contracts + AI.


Being able to manage parts transactions to trace defective pieces quickly back to its source.


Use of blockchain to decrease times required for cross border payments.

Inventory Management

Automatic smart contracts to alert purchasing managers of inventory changes.

Food services

Trace a food item from seed to store to assist in the fight against food borne outbreaks.

Blockchains we use

The key with blockchain development is understanding that every use case can be customized. A tech stack implementation for one project may not apply to another secondary to speed, scalability, security, and expense of transactions. Some of the technologies we use to complete a blockchain project include:




Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Sawtooth


Key Benefits

Top Development Platforms for Blockchain Technologies

Transparent and flexible pricing – Hire based on a fixed price or Time and Materials. Detailed breakdowns are provided so you know where your money is being allocated.

We provide you the details of every blockchain/non-blockchain developer assigned to your team and their experience levels

Providing a hybrid on/offshore developer presence allows you to stretch your funding further and can allow you to have a larger team to increase speed of production

You can establish your own dedicated team for your project and we can manage them for you.

No obligation quotes and evaluation of your current technology stack with recommendations for appropriate blockchain technologies to use.



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Our Success Stories

Because of confidentiality agreements, we cannot disclose most of our enterprise clients, but we currently are working on our own projects such as AMCHART, a universal medical record with an intention to disrupt the healthcare data landscape and how people can earn from their own data.

Our Testimonials

AMSYS Blockchain has been very helpful in crafting our technology plan and to guide us on best methodologies for development. We are very appreciative of their support and impact on our development through them.

- AS

We were at a crossroads on how to bring our product to market and through which blockchain. Through the help of the AMSYS team, we were able to utilize an existing tech they put together for one of their own offerings and that has allowed us to shave considerable development time from our own build.

- HT

About Amsys Blockchain

Since our establishment in 2016 and under the umbrella of the AMSYS Group (founded in 2003), we have been successful in implementing thousands of projects both in and out of the blockchain space.

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